About Me

About Me

Clare Murphy - Reflexology in Dublin 14I am fully qualified reflexologist and a member of the National Register of Reflexologists, with specialised training in Reflexology for Mental Health and Reflexology for Menopause, two topics I am passionate about. I am also trained in adapting Reflexology for Cancer Care and Reflexology for Fertility and Pregnancy.

Before starting my own Reflexology practice, I worked in the area of Mental Health and I continue to volunteer in this area. As someone who has experienced anxiety and depression, I value any opportunity to relax and give my busy mind a break! This is one of the reasons I love Reflexology. As soon as someone starts to work on my feet I feel myself switch off and surrender to being pampered for the next hour!

As a woman of 50, I am going through the many changes and challenges that menopause and perimenopause bring. I am determined that my body (and mind) will be the best they have ever been and that menopause will be the start of a new era where I can embrace and learn to love myself in a way I never have. With my family fully grown and independent, I am giving myself the time to nurture myself in every way. I am enjoying exercise and movement and of course regular Reflexology treatments for myself!

I hope you will find inspiration here to follow my lead and ‘Nurture Yourself’. You deserve it!

I hope to see you soon and feel free to call for a chat. I am always delighted to talk about the many benefits of Reflexology and answer any questions you have.

Clare Murphy

As a registered member of the National Register of Reflexologists, my Reflexology treatments are recognised by the health insurers Irish Life, Laya Healthcare and VHI.

Menopause Reflexology Qualified Practitioner Dublin 14