Common questions about Reflexology

Does Reflexology hurt?

Reflexology is a gentle treatment and shouldn’t hurt, as this would not be relaxing! At the start of the treatment I will ask you if the pressure I am using is comfortable for you. Reflexology doesn’t need to hurt in order to be effective so the pressure I use will be down to your personal preference and comfort. Sometimes there can be a little tenderness or discomfort when I touch a reflex on the foot which is out of balance. If this happens, please let me know and I can adjust the pressure or the technique I am using.

Is Reflexology suitable for everyone?

Reflexology can be received by anyone of any age, from babies to the elderly.

However, there are certain times when it is not suitable for me to provide you with a treatment (see below). This is why it is important to complete a consultation form before your first treatment. If in doubt, just give me a ring to discuss.

  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have a history of thrombosis or blood clots or on blood thinning medication
  • If you have an unstable heart condition
  • If you have gout
  • If you have any undiagnosed lumps or severe undiagnosed pain
  • If you have taken an aeroplane flight in the previous 24 hours

Do I need to prepare for Reflexology?

No, just come as you are! No need to make your feet look beautiful for me. All feet are fabulous to me!

Of course, if you are not feeling well on the day it is best not to come for treatment. So if you have a virus or a fever, vomiting or diarrhoea please let me know and we can reschedule so that you can enjoy your treatment and we don’t spread illness to anyone else!

It’s best not to eat a heavy meal in the 2 hours before the treatment if possible. If you do, just let me know so that I can go lightly over the digestive system. Also, please do not come to the treatment if you have taken any alcohol or drugs.

Do I need to remove my clothes for Reflexology?

No, only your shoes and socks if you are having Reflexology on your feet, and you don’t need to remove any clothes at all in you are having Hand Reflexology.

How will I feel afterwards?

Many people say they feel very relaxed and have a great sleep after Reflexology. Some say they have more energy while others say they feel very tired.

You may feel more emotional than usual. It is also quite common to go to the toilet more often.

Our response to Reflexology is very individual and it can also vary depending on how many treatments you have had.

Sometimes our symptoms can get worse before they get better. Sometimes you feel tired initially and then have more energy.  If you have come for hayfever for example, you may experience a streaming nose or eyes the next day before it clears. This can be part of the process of healing. However, please always seek medical advice if you are feeling unwell as it might be something completely unrelated to the Reflexology treatment.

It is useful to give me feedback about how you have responded to Reflexology as this can help tailor the next treatment to your needs.

If possible, take it easy after Reflexology as this will extend the benefit of the treatment. It is also important to drink water as this can support the process of cleansing the body’s systems.