"Nurture Yourself". Clare Murphy's Reflexology therapy is exactly that. So nurturing. From the moment I enter her beautiful space, with its warm calming energy, and reassuring welcome, I feel I am already unwinding. And then the treatment itself, it is so deeply relaxing that I know I am receiving healing on both a physical and emotional level. And Clare's hands have such a special combination of both strength and softness which makes it, for me, all the more deeply a nourishing and healing experience.
I have had some wonderful sessions with Clare. It is THE most relaxing treatment I have ever had and a wonderful way to heal after going through breast cancer treatment. The room is cosy and has a lovely energy and Clare is very professional in giving you the information and follow up. It will be a regular treatment for me. Highly recommend!
I couldn't recommend Clare enough, she provides a safe and relaxing space and knows her stuff! Having seen her throughout my pregnancy, she offered advise and follow up to ensure I got the best from each session 😊
I had the best reflexology treatment with Clare that I've ever experienced after going to many different practitioners over the years. I could feel long-lasting benefits even after the first treatment.
I had the most amazing facial reflexology treatment with Claire today. It was hand on heart the best treatment I have ever had. It sent me into a deep relaxation within minutes of starting the treatment and I would highly recommend this to anyone needing some time out, relaxation and grounding. Claire has a beautiful energy and was born for this work! Thank you Claire and I am so looking forward to my next session already.
Clare is a warm, friendly and professional therapist. My treatment took place in a lovely calming room and was extremely relaxing. Highly recommended. I will definitely return.
Nurture Yourself is so aptly named! From the moment I stepped into Clare's warm, softly-lit therapy room I knew I was in for a truly nurturing experience. Warmly wrapped on the treatment table, daily concerns receded for an hour while I enjoyed a deeply relaxing foot reflexology. An Aftercare Email ensured I was guided to maximise the benefits of the reflexology.
I am very happy to recommend Nurture Yourself with Clare Murphy, a reflexology treatment with so much more. From the first session with Clare, I experienced a space that was calming, healing and grounding. Whilst the focus is on the feet, my whole body and mind felt held, soothed and nurtured in the treatment. Clare's capacity to be present in a way that is attentive and caring leaves you feeling that you are in Good Hands.
Can’t recommend Clare highly enough. Clare has a unique ability to make you feel relaxed from the moment you meet her, she has a warm personality and an incredible and caring touch (foot reflexology) that sent me into a lovely snooze during my session (first time ever). The treatment room reflects Clare’s care to her clients, it’s a beautiful safe relaxing space. I’d a fantastic nights sleep after just one session, my anxiety levels dropped and my mood. She follows up with aftercare and a checkin. My second treatment I opted for facial reflexology which was a first for me. Absolutely incredible, and I followed Clare’s advice and took it easy for the day allowing the maximum benefit for relaxation and self care. I look forward to many more sessions with Clare. You won’t be disappointed, thanks Clare.
Clare is one of those amazing people who has a real gift when it comes to reflexology. I've had 2 feet and 1 facial reflexology treatments. The last 2 were to help me with puffiness in my face due to my hayfever allergy and lack of sleep. Clare worked her magic and my puffiness went down overnight, and I have also had several nights of good quality sleep, which I haven't had for a while. The treatments were so relaxing that I also fell asleep during them. I would highly recommend.
I've been to Clare twice now for face reflexology and lymphatic drainage, and would highly recommend her to everyone. I was able to fall asleep during the treatment, which is just amazing for a busy mum of 2 high energy young kids, and running a business at the same time- I felt so energised after the treatments and my skin was amazing. Appointments with Clare are now going to be a regular part of my self care regime!
I adore Claire’s reflexology treatment. I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after it. I highly recommend Claire - she is a wonderfully warm and caring therapist. (Great gift idea!)
After recently meeting Clare online at a LEO event, I loved what she had to say about her business and knew it was something I wanted to try out for myself. Working in the Wellbeing business myself, I know the importance of self-care and taking time to nurture & to nourish our bodies. I can confidently say that Clare has a magic touch! I have never been so relaxed after any other alternative treatment and even dosed off during it! I felt so relaxed and know it has benefited me hugely. I will be back!
I have had reflexology done many times by many reflexologists and Clare is excellent at what she does. She has a warm environment and nature about her making you feel completely relaxed getting all the benefits from the treatment. I highly recommend Clare as a reflexologist to anyone looking for a break from the busyness and stresses of life. I have returned since my first treatment and will be many times more.
I booked three reflexology appointments with Clare. The room is so calming and warm and cosy and Clare is really great at what she does and makes you feel so at ease. I would definitely recommend this service. Thanks again!
I had my first, and definitely not last, reflexology treatment with Clare last week. I went for the full works; face, hand and foot and it was amazing. I found it so relaxing and the time just flew by. I'd never had the face and hand reflexology before and I especially loved the face treatment. I slept really well that night and definitely felt the benefits afterwards. Thanks Clare - I'll be back for more!